2017 Otaru Sakura Map


Spring is here!
The weather has been beautiful the past couple of days
and sakura cherry blossoms around the city are starting to bloom.
A couple of places were already in full-bloom this morning!
Check out the below map for some of the best
sakura viewing spots in the city!

 Otaru Sakura Map
 Otaru Sakura Map_back

①    Temiya Park 
Located near the Otaru Museum, enjoy the Temiya Botanical Garden along with the approximately 700 Ezo Mountain (Sargent’s) and Yoshino cherry trees that bloom early to mid-May.
Address:  2 Chome Temiya  
Tel 0134-32-4111 (ext. 349, 426)
Parking 40 spaces
Restrooms4 locations (3 inside Temiya Botanical Gardens), 
                      accessible (handicap) available
Bus        Otaru Canal Terminal 
                               【 ⑩ Otaru Aquarium 
                 Otaru Station Bus Terminal
                               Gate 3【 ⑩ Otaru Aquarium 【 ⑪ Otaru Aquarium
                         10-minute walk from “Temiya” bus stop
Car:  10 minutes from Otaru Station

    Nagahashi Naebo Park 
Approximately 3,000 Ezo Mountain (Sargent’s) cherry trees bloom early to mid-May. It's not rare to spot a black woodpecker that is designated as a nationally protected species in this forest park.
Address:  1 Chome 53 Banchi Saiwai  
Tel:  0134-32-4111 (ext. 349, 426)
Parking:  40 spaces  
Restrooms:  2 locations, accessible (handicap) available
Bus From outside Otaru Station Bus Terminal (in front of the Post Office)
       Bus Stop C 【 ⑰ Shioya 】【 ⑱ Yoichi
       Bus Stop D 【 ⑧ Otamoi 【 ㊳ Otamoi / Parute Chikko
                         10-minute walk from “Naebo Doori” bus stop   
Car15 minutes from Otaru Station

③    Otaru Park 
In addition to sakura cherry trees, this park is famous for the many azaleas (the city flower) that bloom throughout. From early to mid-May approximately 900 Ezo Mountain (Sargent’s) cherry trees and Yoshino cherry trees are in bloom.
Address 5 Chome Hanazono  
Tel:  0134-32-4111 (ext. 349, 426)
Parking25 spaces   
Restrooms 4 locations, accessible (handicap) available
Bus Across from Otaru Station Bus Terminal (in front of Nagasakiya/Don Quijote building)
       Bus Stop F【 #24 
       Bus Stop G【 #6, #16 
       Bus Stop H【 #1, #2, #3, #38, #42 
                        ➤ 5-min walk from “Hanazono Koendori” bus stop
On Foot: 15-minute walk from Otaru Station   
Car 10 minutes from Otaru Station

④    Suitengu Shrine 
Yoshino and Ezo Mountain (Sargent’s) cherry trees bloom early to mid-May at this shrine overlooking the Otaru Port and Sakaimachi. (A historic building designated by the City of Otaru)
Address3 Ban 1 Go Aioi-cho  
Tel:  0134-22-3495   
Parking: 10 spaces
Restrooms: 1 location
Bus:  From Otaru Station Bus Terminal
      ★ Gate 1【 Express Bus to Sapporo 
                         get off at “Suitengu Shrine”  
Car:  10 minutes from Otaru Station
    Tenjoji Temple 
The 30 Yoshino cherry trees against the beautiful Japanese temple backdrop is a must see.   The best time to view the blossoms is early May. (The main temple is a historic building designated by the City of Otaru.) 
Address 4 Chome 32 Ban 1 Go Irifune  
Tel:  0134-23-0975  
Parking30 spaces   
Bus Across from Otaru Station Bus Terminal (in front of Nagasakiya/Don Quijote building)
       Bus Stop F #24 Yamatenakadorisen 
                         1-minute walk from “Kita Gasu Mae” bus stop 
Car:  10 minutes from Otaru Station

    Mt. Tengu 
Tengu Sakura, the 100 year old Ezo Mountain (Sargent’s) cherry tree at the top of Mt.Tengu, is the last cherry tree to bloom in Otaru (mid-May).
Tel:  0134-33-7381 (Otaru Tenguyama Ropeway) 
Parking250 spaces (at the foot of the mountain)
Restrooms:  2 locations at the mountaintop, accessible (handicap) available
Bus From Otaru Canal Terminal or Otaru Station Bus Terminal (Gate 4)
      【 ⑨ Tenguyama Ropeway bus
                         get off at last stop “Tenguyama Ropeway
                         ride the 4-minute ropeway to the top 
Car15 minutes from Otaru Station

    Hiraiso Park 
Approximately 100 Yoshino, Ezo Mountain (Sargent’s) and Yaezakura (double-flowered) cherry trees bloom during mid-May at this little oasis for locals located on top of a hill where you get a nice view of the Chikko area and Otaru Port Marina.
Address 20 Ban Wakatake-cho  
Tel:  0134-32-4111 (ext. 349, 426)
Parking NO   
Restrooms 2 locations 
Bus  Across from Otaru Station Bus Terminal (in front of Nagasakiya/Don Quijote building) 
       Bus Stop G【 #6 Boyodai 
       Bus Stop H【 #2 Sakura-machi 
                         10-minute walk from “Sakura-machi” bus stop 
JR Train:  20-min walk from JR Otaru Chikko Station 
Car:  10-15 minutes from Otaru Station

    JR Minami Otaru Station 
The cherry tree outside the station blooms early to mid-May and can be enjoyed from the platform.
Address: 10 Ban 7 Go Suiyoshi-cho  
Tel:  0134-23-0362   
Parking NO
Restrooms:  YES   
On Foot: 10-minute walk from Marchen Crossroads
Car10 minutes from Otaru Station